The world has changed. Audiences are fragmented across countless channels, information moves at lightning speed, and brand consistency can feel like a distant dream. This new landscape demands a new approach to design — one that’s agile, scalable, and built around Radically Human understanding.

That’s where Ripple comes in.

Ripple is more than just a design system; we’ve created a service that builds powerful, enduring brands in a hyper-connected world. Because effective design goes far beyond aesthetics — it needs to be rooted in strategic thinking and cutting-edge technology. Our Ripple Framework unites these elements to create a living, breathing brand ecosystem that evolves right alongside your business.

It’s a dynamic, cloud-based hub housing production-ready assets. This centralizes brand rules and assets, eliminating confusion and ensuring everyone has access to the single source of truth. Seamless integration with design tools allows for real-time collaboration, easy updates, and ultimately, faster time to market.

We take a human-centered approach to design, which starts with deep dives into your brand and target audience. We then translate those insights into a scalable design system housed in a dynamic digital design hub. This hub streamlines collaboration across teams and ensures consistent, impactful brand experiences across all touchpoints.

In today’s competitive landscape, a strong creative system is an invaluable asset. Ripple ensures consistent, high-impact messaging across all platforms, reaching the right audiences at the right time — translating branded performance marketing that delivers radical results.

Most recently, during the turmoil roiling the banking industry, we doubled down on bold, launching EverBank to be a strong and stable performance partner with big success. We delivered radical results by putting passion into performance and positioned the brand as a beacon of stability and strength. All while raising new client applications by 40%.

By combining bold creative with performance-driven marketing tactics like digital ads, TV commercials, and interactive experiences at the newly named EverBank Stadium, we boosted brand awareness in a huge way resulting in a 152% increase in new applications of having Ripple in place.

EverBank’s success story is a testament to Ripple’s effectiveness. It’s not just about service, it’s about infusing Radical Humanity into the work through the power of consistent, targeted, and performance-driven creative. EverBank’s performance media continues to see efficiency gains as we remain in market reducing their cost of acquisition in half.

So, whether you need a brand refresh, a foundation for future growth, or a system to manage a complex brand ecosystem, Ripple eases the pains of digital advertising, so your brand’s performance gets radical results.


Here's why Ripple is the secret sauce your brand needs:

Understanding Your Audience: We delve deep to uncover the psychological drivers behind your audience’s behavior. This human-centric approach ensures your brand resonates on a deeper level. For example, when working with Peloton, we conducted exclusive, in-depth user research to understand their target audience’s fitness motivations and created a design language that spoke directly to their people.

Design at Scale: Gone are the days of static brand guidelines. Ripple creates a dynamic digital design hub that streamlines collaboration and empowers real-time updates. This was especially crucial for a brand like EverBank. Ripple allowed their design to adapt and iterate on campaign visuals quickly, ensuring they stayed ahead and stood out with scalability and personalization.

Consistency Across Every Touchpoint: From websites and apps to social media and advertising, Ripple ensures your brand voice remains consistent and impactful, no matter the platform. For example, we leveraged Ripple for our longtime client, OnStar. We developed a cohesive design system for their user interface across all platforms. This included their social media channels, mobile app, and website. By ensuring a consistent look and feel, we streamlined the user experience and made it easier for customers to navigate and interact with OnStar’s services across different touchpoints.

Speed and Efficiency: Our streamlined process gets your brand up and running faster than ever before. Say goodbye to design bottlenecks and hello to rapid brand growth. We helped I ❤️ NY develop a scalable design system using Ripple, allowing them to quickly launch new marketing campaigns during a global pandemic without sacrificing brand consistency. And we’re still going. 

This was especially crucial for a brand like Forever21, where trends move fast. Ripple allowed their design to adapt and iterate on campaign visuals quickly, ensuring they stayed ahead with scalability and personalization.


Collaboration is at the heart of Ripple, and we’ve created a toolset to reflect that. We offer cloud-based tech solutions that enable dynamic creative at scale and leverage industry-leading platforms to facilitate seamless collaboration between design, content development, and client teams. This ensures everyone is on the same page, from concepting with Generative AI to final output. Our toolkit enables us to integrate design seamlessly into web builds and marketing campaigns, accelerating speed to market.


Adobe is a key player on our toolbox. Firefly, a fundamental software soon to be released, will generate licensed images and automated assets, streamlining our content creation process. Furthermore, as IPG is a preferred Adobe partner, CE will have access to the most modern and innovative tools ahead of any other network. Our entire process is based in ideation and optimization.

Ripple Services

  • Campaign Design: We chart the course for your campaigns’ look and feel, crafting key visuals and comprehensive style guides for brand consistency.
  • Brand Design: We help you build a powerful brand identity by creating a unified system of design elements – logos, colors, fonts, and images – that work together seamlessly.
  • Performance Advertising Design: We design a system with libraries, styles, and templates specifically tailored for various digital ad formats, maximizing your ad performance.
  • Digital Design: We create a consistent user experience across your websites, apps, and other digital products by crafting a unified design language.
  • AI Design: We harness the power of Generative AI to help you develop a distinct visual style and brand voice, speeding up the design process and unlocking creative possibilities.

the framework

Leveraging our unique Drops > Splash > Current > Stream > Wave concept development system, we create unparalleled design consistency by guiding you through a series of progressively more defined visual directions, ensuring your final brand identity perfectly captures your brand essence.


The Ripple Framework starts with the Design Direction. We work with you to determine if you want to keep your existing visual identity, refresh it, or create an entirely new one. We’ll develop mood boards and brand panels to explore creative possibilities. Next, we delve deeper into your brand with the Concept phase. Here, we gather your existing brand guidelines and materials to understand your brand positioning. Interactive workshops on brand positioning and design strategy then ensure our design solutions align perfectly with your overall brand goals.


Building Brands for the Future

Ripple is so much more than a service; it’s a blend of strategy, design, and technology rooted in Radically Human insights. We work closely with you to understand your brand’s DNA and craft a visual language that lands with your people. On average for our clients, it’s improved speed to market by 30% and increased overall effectiveness up to 20% and we’re confident it will do the same for you.

Ready to make a splash? Our Ripple packages are designed to scale with your needs, whether you’re a startup establishing your brand identity or a large corporation looking to unify your multi-brand ecosystem. No more confusion or wasted time. With Ripple, everyone from marketing to design, has real-time access to what they need to make your brand look good all the time.






Get in touch today to learn more about how Ripple can help your brand stand out in the ever-evolving digital landscape.
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